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but gravity always wins [entries|friends|calendar]

we thought
we left
possession behind.
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Livin' [.6.6.08.(5:13).]
I'm alive and haven't seen livejournal in quite some time.
I graduate from stinky Oakland in December, thank goodness.
I'm seriously considering joining the Peace Corps.
I wholeheartedly want to go to Africa to spread AIDS/HIV awareness. This is something that I feel the need to do deep within me. So I will.

Which leads me to the question, does anyone know where I could start volunteering with HIV/AIDS? I am looking for a solid starting point. All help is appreciated!

Two of the best pictures ever:


(except for this song) (it's quiet in here)

Keys [.8.16.07.(11:12).]
I really enjoy life. The sun has been out for sure now. Positivity.
(it's quiet in here)

Happy Feet [.7.20.07.(6:58).]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I would like to learn how to salsa dance with my girlfriend.

(except for this song) (it's quiet in here)

Eff yes. [.6.12.07.(7:35).]
I'm really happy to be alive.
(it's quiet in here)

im alive [.5.15.07.(8:08).]
[ mood | amused ]

Did somebody shit on the coats?

(except for this song) (it's quiet in here)

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